I wrote this hymn. It can be sung to the same tune as “How great the harvest is”. It’s not brilliant but I used it in a liturgy and some people liked it. I hope to do more hymn writing when I get time…and get better at it!

We follow Wisdom’s star,

that calls us by its shining

to gather all we are;

our separate gifts combining,

gold, frankincense and myrrh,

lives glittering, fragrant, lavish.

Your reign will heal our earth

you’ve come all hate to banish.


Now at the stable door,

we leave our pride and enter.

So tiny and so poor,

and yet you are the centre:

the reason for our long,

our winding lifelong journey

transforming all that’s wrong

with Wisdom’s dance of learning.


We’ve called you “God” and “king”,

our language can’t contain you

and yet in love we bring

our gifts as we acclaim you.

You are our star, our road

the giver and the treasure

your love’s abundance shows

life filled beyond all measure.

In the unlikely event you want to use this or any other poem or song by me, it is free but please let me know you are doing it. Thanks xxoo

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