A quote

As a writer, especially as a writer that grapples with trying to depict or illustrate any sort of an approach at “truth” this quote (from a novel) illustrates what it is like and is my apology for the flaws and gaps in my writing:

“This is the story I am working on. But it isn’t complete as I don’t have the right way to begin. I sit on the crosshouse floor and look at the objects. I see different ways they could be put together and the way the story changes over time. The objects fall into their groupings and they talk to each other in different fashions depending on where they’re put and at first it makes me panic. I put the memories together again and again in their different patterns and try to understand which is the correct way. Then at last I see that there isn’t one. I see that if I am lucky and do it right, the story will not ever come together in one final meaning. Because there is not yet any end.”

It’s by Anna Smaill, he book called The Chimes. I absolutely loved the book, but i loved this quote most out of it all. It sums up so much about trying to “tell” anything

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